Gift Baskets for Men CAN be a Manly Gift

Buying gifts for men can be difficult. Buying for women is so much easier! You know the routine. “Dad, what would you like for your birthday?” “Oh, I really don’t need anything, but thanks! A birthday cake will be fine.” Hmm. Men are so reluctant to give you a clue and they typically do not admit there’s anything they need or want. So, before you go out and get him another tie, check out these ideas for some macho gift baskets for men. You can make it yourself or purchase online.

When you’re brainstorming the gift baskets for men concept, you want to define the basket part loosely. Think of this as an assortment of wonderful goodies you know he’ll use. Be creative on the container. Remember, you want him to actually make use of the whole gift.

Every man has food and beverage favorites. Some men even like to cook. The traditional food gift basket may seem like an obvious choice, but you don’t need to fill this basket with the usual lineup – sausage, cheese, jams and fruit. Maybe your man loves nothing better than a good cup of Joe and oatmeal cookies. Give him what he likes!

Let’s say your guy does a lot of fishing. A big tackle box makes a macho presentation in this gift basket for men. Men who fish cannot have too many bait jars, lures, line and weights. A visit to the fishing section of any sports store reveals many interesting lures and types of bait.

Some men are after-shave and men’s cologne connoisseurs. They somewhat secretly collect new scents, with judicious dabs that hopefully wow the ladies. They like to experiment with different fragrances. Go to an upscale department store and engage the help of a clerk at the men’s counter. Let the clerk know you’re looking for unusual, designer or new after-shaves and colognes. These gift baskets for men can get pricey, but hey! He’s worth it. Get a sturdy rattan shelf style basket that can sit on a table or hang on the wall.

If he’s the scholarly type who’s always reading, there are what might be called book accessories. Try starting with an assortment of bookmarks and bookplates. If you’ve never shopped this market, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful products that are available. A magazine-style basket might be a good choice in this man’s gift basket. Tuck a bag of gourmet coffee or a bottle of his favorite liqueur inside and you’re set!

You can see that gift baskets for men can be customized to suit your man’s tastes. Look online for ready-made gift baskets for men. You’re sure to find something that’s just perfect!