How to Utilize a Saliva Drug Test

Drug testing was definitely not something I wanted to do for my employees. After all, I figured that if they were doing their job and didn’t seem visibly intoxicated, it wasn’t really my business what was in their bodies. Nonetheless, insurance had something very different to say. Because we use drivers for commercial purposes, we were required to test for a variety of different drugs. I was really hesitant to put the policy into place, even though I had to. Urine tests are expensive, invasive, and difficult to schedule. You need a special testing site and all kinds of safeguards to ensure that the sample is properly collected. Fortunately, I found a solution that was better than the old-fashioned way of doing things.

Nowadays, you can actually use saliva drug tests to look for a wide variety of different drugs. This makes a huge difference For a lot of reasons. A saliva drug test is cheaper, easier to do, and much quicker. You don’t need a special laboratory, and anyone can collect a sample. For me however, there was even a more important reason for using it. With the saliva drug test, I didn’t feel like I was invading my employees privacy as much. The difference is subtle and psychological, but even so it is meaningful. Having to give up a swap of spit for an oral drug test just seems less invasive than having to pee into a cup.

When I first implemented oral drug testing, it did cause some problems. Back then, not all of the insurance companies would approve of the saliva drug test. I actually had to switch my vehicle insurance provider. Nonetheless, they caught on pretty quickly. Nowadays, the accuracy is widely regarded as comparable to that of a more traditional urine test. Because of this, they can be substituted for testing urine.

When you are buying instant drug tests for your workers, you do have to do a little bit of background research. Not every saliva drug test is the same. There are a lot of extremely cheap tests that only look for one or two drugs and are not that accurate. By paying a few dollars more, however, you can guarantee good results. So much rides on getting good information that it pays to be sure. A high quality, certified saliva drug test will cost you less than ten dollars per test, and let you be absolutely positive about the results.