Safety and Preschool Furniture

When you are little, everything in a house can seem very large. In fact, that can make exploring a bit safer, but much more frustrating to a small child. Instead of furnishing their rooms and playrooms with adults sized things, think about some good preschool furniture that you can have just for them. When you get this stuff, you will see that most types are made with safety in mind, but not all companies think of these things as thoroughly as they should. That is why there are so many recalls on these items these days.

One of the biggest problems with preschool furniture is tipping. Youngsters don’t have great balance, and they like to climb on everything. If they climb up a bookcase, even one that is made just for them, they could topple it. You want preschool furniture that is sturdy and that can be attached to the wall so that this can never happen. You also have to think about the base of chairs. The legs should be far enough apart to provide stability without becoming a tripping hazard for big and little people alike. Think about the same things with shelves, tables, and other items as well.

Sharp corners and wood splinters are also concerns when it comes to getting preschool furniture. You want to find smooth corners and wooden pieces that are smooth and sanded. Check the entire piece, as some companies only worry about what you can see and don’t think twice about leaving problems where you don’t normally look. What these manufacturers of preschool furniture don’t realize is that though adults just sit in chairs, toddlers will explore every single inch of them at one point or another.

Once you have determined your choices are safe, you can always think about décor. You may want to go with subdued pieces of preschool furniture that go with the décor you have already chosen, or you can go with bright colors that your children are going to be drawn to. That is up to you. Most choose décor items for the bedrooms, but go with the fun, bright colors when it comes to choosing furniture for preschoolers to go in playrooms, basements, and backyards. If you are thinking of buying some of this as a gift, think of the same considerations when choosing. Don’t forget to include the receipts so things can be returned that others do not like.