Dinosaur Party Food

Sometimes, having a birthday party is simple because a theme is so easy it is a breeze to figure out what to do for decorations, food, and party games. On the other hand, there are some popular ideas that are not quite so easy to throw together, but because many children love them, parents scramble to figure out what to do. Dinosaurs are a common theme that both young boys and girls like, but it can be awfully hard to come up with good ideas for dinosaur party food.

There are many dinosaurs that only ate leaves, which means you can come up with a cool salad to go with your party theme. Salad is not always popular with kids, but if you make it for dinosaur party food, you may be surprised to see how fast they eat it up. What you want to do is to come up with some salad leaves that are not the usual in your home. Look for large and odd shaped lettuces types, along with leaves in various colors. Add some raisins to it and some mandarin orange slices and you have a great salad that any dinosaur would be proud to eat.

Dinosaurs were also meat eaters, or at least some of them were. Dinosaur party food can include some meat, but you may want to go with something kid friendly. Chicken chunks or nuggets are always a great idea, and you can have many neat dipping sauces from which the kids can choose. The usual BBQ flavor is always a good idea, but don’t forget to leave things out like honey mustard and ranch dressing. Give these dips cool dinosaur themed names and they are sure to be a hit.

You can also find dinosaur shaped items that you can use for your dinosaur party foods that the kids are going to love. There are some ways that you can shape mashed potatoes into the shape of any dinosaur. Use a dinosaur shaped cookie cutter if you can find one. Fry them on each side quickly in olive oil to help them hold their shape, and then bake them in the oven until warmed through. It should not take too long for them to be warmed through. These are easy to cool and reheat if needed or if you make way too much and want to serve them after the party.

If you don’t like any of those ideas, you can do any number of food items that you know your kids are going to like. Just give them a name that goes along with what they know about dinosaurs. There are enough dinosaur names out there to pair almost any dish with the name of one that you child like. Brontosaurus burgers is a common one, but you can surely come up with your own no matter what you decide to choose for dinosaur party food. Don’t forget the cake and cookies, which are easy enough to make or have made in a dinosaur them. If you don’t want to tackle that on your own, your local bakery can do it for you.