Life Experience Degrees Can Be Your Ticket to Success

I couldn’t afford to go to college right out of high school, so I went directly into the work force instead. Ten years later, I am realizing that without a college diploma, I am getting overlooked for raises and promotions simply because I lack the education my higher-ups are looking for. However, I am more than qualified to do many of these jobs, because they are the same types of responsibilities that I have had for my entire employment history.

It wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair, but I didn’t argue. I just went out and found a way to grab those opportunities that I had previously missed out on with a life experience degree. These diplomas are given to individuals who can demonstrate a significant amount of knowledge in a topic gained through on-the-job training, seminars, and enrichment courses, and community service. I realized that I had plenty of knowledge to help me succeed in my chosen career; I just didn’t have the piece of paper that my employer was looking for!

The best place that I found to look for life experience degrees was online, where there were a number of accredited schools offering these diplomas for very little time and cost. In fact, I learned that I could receive my life experience degree after a week or two, and for as little as a few hundred dollars! While the cost seemed significant at first, I could more than make up for the expense by landing that next big promotion or raise.

Life experience degrees come in all shapes and sizes, from a Bachelor of Arts program to a PhD. There are more majors to choose from than you can imagine, so you are sure to find the one that applies to best to your situation. I decided to go with the Bachelor’s program, which required a minimum of four years of verifiable work in a field that was relevant to my major. I could also apply other basic knowledge towards my life experience degree, including things that I picked up from independent reading, military training, church training, hobbies, and travel.

With the vast amount of resources that I could bring to my life experience degree, I was able to reach my goal quickly and without spending an arm and a leg for tuition. Now that I have my diploma in hand, the next time that an opportunity for advancement rolls around in my office, I’ll be able to approach my boss with confidence because I now have the academic credentials to back up my exceptional work history.

If you are tired of getting passed over at your job for promotions and higher paying work, perhaps it is time to check out what life experience degrees can do for you!