A Few Stories About Becoming An Architect

Having gone to architecture school, I can confidently say That becoming an architect was one of the best decisions I ever made. It wasn’t something I came to easily, however. You see, most of the people I know who decided to become architects had a lot of native drawing skills. Many of them had been sketching buildings and other architectural designs since they were very young, and were pretty familiar with it before they received any formal training. This gave them an advantage that I didn’t have.

On the contrary, I decided to study architecture when I was in college. Although I liked to draw as a kid, I was never particularly serious about it. I always preferred organic forms over more rigid, linear ones, and was not particularly organized or meticulous. Nonetheless, I had a passion for buildings and beautiful man-made spaces. It never even occurred to me to think about the possibilities of a career in architecture until one of my friends decided to take an introductory class. I joined him, and was immediately hooked and on my way to becoming an architect.

I was a very solid academic student with no design background. Many other people in my class, however, had the complete opposite problem. One of the students in my freshman section had had dreams of becoming an architect since he was very young, but had never been much of a student. He had no formal training, little skill with the English language, and not much of an attention span. His designs, however, were brilliant. We made a natural pair, because we each filled out what the other didn’t have. He helped me studied drafting and design, and I helped him study the technical side of things.

One of the great things about becoming an architect in this day and age is that computers make everything so much easier. Don’t get me wrong – you still have to learn a lot about drafting to become an architect. Being able to draw everything out by hand really trains you to think in a methodical, organized fashion. Nonetheless, many architectural schools rely more and more on computer-aided design, and less and less on drafting by hand. As a matter of fact, you can get a degree in architecture online nowadays – something that was unthinkable even a few years ago. It is easier than ever to participate in this wonderful and rewarding career. Try it out. You will be glad you did.